Why you need to join KNOX REIA:

job security

You know there is no such thing as job security. You understand that your financial succeess is completeley up to you and you want to create sustainable wealth that allows you to live life on your terms.

less risky

You want to create sustainable wealth that is reliable with as little risk as possible. You understand that the days of relying on your 401K and retirement plans are over. You’re ready to create generational wealth today.

Your Goal

You have accomplished success in business previously and have the skills necessary to level up in real estate investing. You have the desire and drive – you just don’t know the When, Where, and How. 

financial security

You desire financial security for your family – that lasts through any economy. You understand provision is not given, it is something you create. You are ready for investments that pay you whether you’re working or not.

study from the best

You know the smartest (and fastest) way to develop a successful real estate investing business is to find others who have already done it and model the steps … or as we say at Knox REIA, “Connect. Grow. Invest. Repeat.”


“Meeting a lot of the other investors in the area has been one of the biggest benefits to being in Knox REIA. As a new investor, the wholesales and other deals we did, were possible because we were connected to the investing population. Without Knox REIA, those deals would not have been possible.”

The #1 Reason
People Join Knox REIA

They’re Smart … Just Kidding (sort of) 

People join Knox REIA because we make real estate investing FUN! Yes, we get done to business and get deals done… and we do it with positive attitudes, a commitment to our communities, and a smile on our faces! Teamwork truly does make the dream work!!

Our diverse community  of members provide a network that is packed full of reliable information on market trends, education resources, and the networking opportunities you need to create wealth in ANY ECONOMY at ANY TIME!!


We are a community of local investors, rehabbers, wholesalers, Realtors®, attorneys, accountants, landlords, brokers, contractors, note buyers, private money lenders, and others involved in the real estate field.

Whether you’re a newbie who can barely spell “real estate” or you have a Phd in it, Knox REIA has something for you! Seriously, it doesn’t matter your level of experience, we are here for you with the tools and resources you need to build your real estate investment dreams into a reality! 


We provide you with powerful tools and resources to support your business and produce personal success including:

  • Checklists – As a newbie in the game or even a vet who is juggling multiple deals at the same time, having the right checklist for the type of deal and particular step in the process is critical for success! 
  • Scripts – What comes out of your mouth can make or break the deal. We’ve put together the scripts you need to get from the intro to closing.
  • Contract Templates – Sample Purchase and Sale Agreements make constructing your first few deals a cinch! 
  • And much more!


Yes, investors and entrepreneurs are capable of huge success on our own, but wnhy would you ever want to do this by yourself?! Our Knox REIA community believes that we can share our knowledge and experience and succeed faster, together. Our group is so supportive of other members and the community. We do deals together all the time. It’s a great place to be!


“I did my first house three years ago and now; I have six going at the same time. So, I love the networking that Knox REIA provides for sure… getting to shake hands and see people doing different types of deals and different strategies.  Now, I see it as a chance to give back and show young investors what they need to do. Once you do the first one, it just gets easier and easier.”

The Reason YOU Will Be Glad You Joined Knox REIA:

Knox REIA introduces you to the “penthouse” view of real estate investing. From our viewpoint, you can see all the avenues to your success and are equipped to choose the route that works best for you! YOU determine your journey and have an incredible support system of people who support you and desire to see you succeed! When one of us wins, we ALL win! 

Sure, Real Estate Investing is AWESOME! 

Real Estate Investing with


Maximize decades of experience and expertise in real estate investing to your advantage and create true financial freedom to live life on your terms with sustainable wealth.

Annual Individual Membership

 First Time Pop-In

Annual Membership – Paid Annually

  • Attendance to all Main Monthly Meetings (2nd Tuesday of every month)
  • Subgroup meetings through Knox REIA week every month (when applicable)
  • Saturday Seminars will be either free or substantially discounted
  • Home Depot PRO Xtra Discounts and Savings
  • ALL National REIA Member Benefits

The best bang for your buck to become a  successful Real Estate Investor in East Tennessee.


Initial Introductory Meeting Pop-In 

Maybe you are just getting your toes wet and want to check out how awesome Knox REIA is.

Your FIRST Monthly Meeting is only  $10 if you register by NOON EST the day of the meeting. It’s $15 if you pay at the door…

After your FIRST meeting, it’s only $29 at the door.

You have to register here to get the First-Time $10 fee for the meeting before noon on the day of the meeting.

As a first timer, you can also pay at the door for $15.

DIY Membership

Monthly Pop-In

DIY Membership – $20 per year

  • No Monthly Meetings 
  • No Guest Passes
  • No Subgroup Meetings 
  • No Saturday Seminars
  • No Video Recordings

So what do you get with the DIY Membership?

  • Home Depot PRO Xtra Discounts and Savings
  • Office Depot Discounts and Savings
  • ALL National REIA Member Benefits

*** Note: This is ideal for Contractors, Established Investors and Home Depot shoppers who want to save money.

Pay as You Go Monthly Meeting 

So you’ve checked us out and want to become a member of Knox REIA without the annual commitment.

The Monthly Pop-In allows you the opportunity to participate, network, meet our members in person, ask questions and determine if becoming a member (and saving a few bucks) is right for you.

You can come check it out anytime.

After your FIRST Monthly Meeting it’s only $29 at the door.

You just have to register here to get to pay before noon the day of the meeting.

While we’re happy to have you and appreciate you dropping in, why not just go ahead and join Knox REIA to save a couple of bucks? (KR Annual Membership is only $197 for the whole year vs $348 if you pay every month).

What People Say About Knox REIA

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